Recruitment Procedure

HVAC systems installation, maintenance and repairs account for a high percentage of the expenses for any organization. We therefore understand how valuable it is, for the HVAC personnel that you hire, to be well versed and experienced in their area of air-conditioning specialization.

Since we commit to providing the perfect match to each of your vacancy or requirement, we follow a very exacting recruitment procedure to ensure that the candidates are ideally skilled and qualified. We recruit via a multi-step procedure and are open to any flexibility on it if you so suggest.

Detailed Identification and assessment of the air-conditioning personnel(s) sought: Our HR experts, teaming up with our expert technicians from the HVAC industry, do an in-depth analysis of your exact requirement(s). This involves understanding the organization’s structure, especially with relation to the significance and size of its HVAC systems. Thereafter, there is a thorough understanding of what sub-segment of the air-conditioning system you are looking to recruit employees for, and what specialization, experience and qualification would be best suited to your requirement.

Search/Hunt for the sought air-conditioning professional: Our team of HVAC experts takes over completely at this step, and begins with scanning through our large database of candidates, alongside exploring other potential candidates locally and nationally. From this search is drawn out a list of the better (than others) candidates for the vacancy, which are thereafter assessed in detail. Their experience, qualification, expertise as well as work history are verified before taking them to the next level toward selection.

Selection: At this step, certain more senior professionals of the (air-conditioning) industry get involved to re-examine the candidates and establish their skill and competency level compatibility with the vacancy. As far as possible, we try to match or provide candidates that have held similar positions in recruitment through us in the past, so we can attest better for their performance.

Presentation to the employer: It is at this step that the employer is presented with our finally selected air-conditioning professionals, so they can probe further if necessary and assess the candidates’ conformity to their requirements. We encourage employers to interview the candidates via phone, email or video conferencing for their complete satisfaction. Once this process completes and we’re advised of the employer’s final picks, our negotiators get into the picture so that the recruitment happens at the most competitive pay scales.

Recruitment: At this final step of recruitment, the conditional offer is issued and the agreement is drawn up, following which our pre-departure associates assist the recruited professionals with the necessary formalities. They help the candidates through the required documentation including medical and visa/emigration clearances; and flight arrangements (ticketing) for their departure. The candidates’ arrival at the overseas destination and their first reporting on-site, are also coordinated by our officers.