About Us

International Manpower Resources (IMR) was established in 1990 to make for the anticipated major shortfall of professionals and skilled personnel globally through several industries and sectors. For over 20 decades now, we’ve been successfully achieving our manpower recruitment mission with unmatched excellence. And now, our analytical forethought has called for us to already prepare especially for certain sectors in particular, which are expected to experience severe shortage of talent.

According to the 2010 Talent Shortage Survey, technicians and engineers are at the crucial rank three in the list of professionals falling seriously short in supply globally. In fact, in the Americas and for the third consecutive year, vacancies for technicians (primarily production / operations, engineering and maintenance) have been the most difficult to fill.

IMR, backed by unmatched quality and performance in overseas recruitment for over two decades now, has taken up to establish a sub-division to exclusively cater to the requirement of professionals and other skilled personnel for the air-conditioning (HVAC) industry. Our expertise in recruitment, excellence in performance and resolve to ensure that our clients’ all personnel needs are fulfilled, have driven us to dedicate an entire recruitment sub-division to service manpower needs in the air-conditioning sector solely.

We’re well primed to recruit for all HVAC professionals, from the installation mechanics and engineers, to air con plant designers, through repairmen, maintenance staff, operators, logistics planners, plant operators and just any other you name. We are all set to guarantee supplying any and every manpower need you may have in the HVAC industry, besides any in other sectors too.

We are IMR, after all, so you wouldn’t need to look beyond us for absolutely any recruitment requirements from India. Once we’re informed of any personnel requirement, you can rest assured, that everything from start to finish will be taken care of, with utmost perfection and within good time.